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Thiruvathira Celebrations

Thirvathira Celebration The travel website Luxury Kerala Travel offers you online travel booking information to the Thiruvathira festival that is held annually in Kerala, South India.

The Thiruvathira festival celebrations commemorate the traditional beliefs that the deity of love Lord Kamadeva died on this day and to mark the birthday celebrations of the deity Lord Shiva. Thiruvathira celebrations are held during the month of Dhanu according to the traditional Keralan calendar.

Principally the women of Kerala, South India, celebrate Thiruvathira. The ladies perform several rituals to mark the Thiruvathira celebrations over a period of 7 days. Some ladies belonging to the Nair community try and chew around 108 betels during one day. Another ritual involves midnight worshipping of Lord Shiva with flowers, fruits and garlands.

Folk dance and folk music performances are a common sight in different parts of Kerala, South India during the Thiruvathira celebrations.

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